Here is another local section that I designed while working at The Tribune in San Luis Obispo, Calif. I was responsible for all design aspects, including layout, headlines, subheads, etc. Sept 26 Local Advertisements

Below is another local page that I worked with. For this page, I did not participate in the overall design, but I was in charge of editing the stories, writing headlines and some minor design tweaks. TribuneLocalAug13

Below is another example of a page that I designed at The Tribune. This is the Espresso page from Aug. 15. This page is put together almost entirely with wire stories. TribuneA2Aug15

While interning at The Tribune in San Luis Obispo, Calif., I have had the opportunity to design multiple pages for the paper. Before coming to California I had limited experience in page design, but over the last few months I have strengthened my skills and created many different pages. Below is the first B1 page […]

Before leaving Youngstown, a new restaurant opened in the downtown area that has the potential to be one of the coolest spots in the rebuilding city. Suzie’s Dogs & Drafts is more than a hot dog shop that serves beer. It’s a hot dog shop with a chef that carefully chooses each ingredient available, as […]

Kravitz Deli is an institution in Youngstown. For more than 75 years, the Kravitz family has served knockout sandwiches to the people of the area. Jack Kravitz, who took over the family business from his mother, Rose, took lessons from growing up within a business and continues to use them to this day. SpecialOrder

This story for Valley Magazine focused on a new store in downtown Youngstown, Ohio, called Greyland Gallery. The shop was more than a thrift store, as it not only housed vintage records and clothing, but it is also host to many art exhibits a music performances. VintageReborn